Tuesday, February 23, 2016

First Time Watchers - Episode 200 - Part 2 - The Room


In which our intrepid trio continue to celebrate the momentous (okay, mildly mediocre) occasion of our 200th episode.  We do it by once again paying tribute to ourselves in some (ahem) special ways. Listen and enjoy!  
Top 5 Movies We Have Reviewed On The Show (1:07) The 3 of us take a look back and pick the 5 episodes that stand out to each of us. We discuss what made them stand out, why we think you should go back and listen to them, and if any of the films we reviewed actually helped navigate our film discourse.  
Montage Episodes 100 - 149 (43:35) Michael Denniston of the War Machine vs. War Horse Podcast somehow found time out of his very, very busy schedule to put this montage together.  He brings up what he noticed regarding our chemistry and a certain one of our co-hosts inconsistencies. Please follow Michael on twitter @WarMachineHorse, subscribe to his (soon to be ending) show on iTunes, and listen to him be regular guest on Pop Culture Case Study and True Bromance Podcast.  
The Room review (59:13)  Our own regular contributor, the co-host of the Criterion Close Up Podcast, Mark Hurne joins us for this very special occasion. Since Mark is so well versed in film history and the Criterion collection, we thought what better way than to have him on to help break down possibly the best worst film of all time, The Room. Mark helps us figure out what exactly was in the mind of Tommy Wiseau while making this film and points out what it was like to watch this 2 times in a row.  Please follow Mark on twitter @MarkHurne, subscribe to his show on iTunes, and take at look at his reviews on Letterboxd.  
Montage Episodes 150-19? (1:50:49)  JD Duran is also a very busy man but was kind enough to dedicate enough time to put together a montage of our most recent episodes. We discuss how awesome it has been to be collaborating for over 2 years and what we have learned from each other. JD does not reveal what "JD" stands for but he does provide insight to what it is like to listen to our show over and over and over again. Please follow JD on twitter @RealJDDuran or @InSessionFilm, subscribe to the InSession Film Podcast on iTunes, and please visit InSessionFilm.com.  
Close/Outtakes (2:17:05)  
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