Tuesday, March 1, 2016

FTW 200 Pt 3 - Top Gun vs. Point Break vs. Die Hard

In which our intrepid trio finally finish our Episode 200 Extravaganza and revisit each of our favorite films...with a twist.  
Thank you all who have supported us over these 4 years and 200+ episodes. Your positive energy help us keep doing the show. And a special thank you to the guests who stopped by each of the last 3 episodes to make this even even more special.  
Top Gun (2:32) DJ Valentine of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast takes his shirt off, hits the volleyball with us a few times, and helps us break down Wally's favorite film of all time.  We discuss how all the male actors in this film resisted certain urges while filming, talk about the amazing soundtrack, and Hermano compares this to a certain other 80's action film to see how it holds up.  Please follow DJ on twitter @TryingtobeaDJV and listen to his shown on iTunes and YouTube.  
Point Break (40:35)  The biggest supporter and partner of our show, JD Duran, visits us with his boogie board, suntan lotion, and golden locks as we play in the sun and surf to discuss Hermano's favorite (action) film.  JD brings the harsh truth that even Keanu would not want to follow him out of an airplane without a parachute.  Please follow JD on twitter @RealJDDuran or @InSessionFilm and listen to his show on iTunes or any other media catcher.  
Die Hard (1:36:44)  One of the first loyal listeners to the show, Neil Ramjee, enchants us with his British accent and talks about his revisit of Tim's favorite film of all time, Die Hard.  He judges Alan Rickman's American accent, how valuable some of the side character are, and then dazzles us with a jump off of a skyscraper.  Please follow Neil on twitter @NeilRamjee and let him delight you as well.  
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