Tuesday, February 16, 2016

First Time Watchers - Episode 200 - Part 1

In which we celebrate the momentous milestone of reaching 200 episodes without maiming each other. It is a truly glorious day. And we do plenty of back patting. This is Part 1 of a 3 part series in which we celebrate our 200 episodes by providing you with some fun content.  
Extended Movie Battle Royal (1:32)  We use Flickchart.com to help narrow down our collective Top 10 lists. We start by refining our collective Top 100, Top 50, and Top 20.  Then we add in our favorite films (Die Hard, Top Gun, and Point Break) to help our lists even further. We finish by revising our Top 20 to make a more definitive Collective Top 10 list.  

Montage Episodes 1 - 49 (40:35)  Bubbawheat of the Filmwhys Podcast was kind enough to take on the task of putting together a montage of our younger days.  We discussed what he found out about us when listening to our first 50 episodes and how we compare nowadays.  Please listen to his show on iTunes, follow him on Twitter @Bubbwheat, and click on his website, FlightsTightsAndMovieNights.com.    
Top 10 Favorite Movies Of All Time (59:28)  We revisit a topic the 3 of entertained during Episode 30. Each of us take a look back and re-list our Top 10 Favorite Movies. Find out what films have displaced our original Top 10 and why we feel that way. What can we say, people change.  
Montage Episodes 50 - 99 (2:10:41)  Jairo and Barry, two of our original loyal listeners, stop by to reflect on our first 4 years of existence and drop some serious montage business as well. We find out what they think of our chemistry, what keeps them listening, and why they think their show is better than ours. Please listen to their show, The True Bromance Podcast, on iTunes. Find them on twitter @TruBromanceCast or at their website, TrueBromanceFilm.com.   
Close/Outtakes (2:25:47)  
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