Monday, February 23, 2015

Yes! Ask Her More!

So the oscars have come and gone
Aaaaand I didnt bother to watch.
Mainly because the whole show is slow and full of commercials and musical numbers I couldnt care less about.
It used to be one of the events I looked forward to
Planned parties around
But Im over it now
These days its seeing the movies Im most interested in
Reviewing them on The First Time Watchers Podcast
Picking my ballot and comparing it to the winners.
Which is what I did this year.

Of course this also means I missed something pretty interesting this year
Something that the more I think about it the more I can get behind it.



for the love of all things holy
for the love of all things movies


Now this may come from my own personal bias



I want to know what these women are thinking.
How they approached certain roles.
What its like on set for them.
What led them to accepting the role.
How they felt afterward.

Unfortunately the rest of america seems far too interested in brainless vapid questions like “who are you wearing?”
that question just saying it out loud sounds ABSURD.

“who are you wearing?”
First thing i picture is Family Guy rendition of Jennifer Lawrence with Hitler wrapped around her
“oh! tonight im wearing Hitler”
and then swish pan over to Julianne Moore with Philippe Petain looking nervous around her until Emma Stone in an elegant Charles DeGaulle starts giving Hitler the stink-eye

Who are you wearing?


Granted most of America also hasnt seen “Still Alice” or “Mister Turner” or “Two Days One Night” and thats a bit of a shame.

So the lowest common denominator for ratings and keeping people tuned in is What are you fucking wearing

Id love to see the ladies just completely go off track and go in depth into something they themselves are passionate about.
A cause
An idea
Anything but answer that question.

Id love to see them asked interesting questions about what they are thinking.
The filmmaking process

Anything but what designer created their dresses.

I always want to buy blu-rays and dvds for the extras

behind the scenes
the interviews
the goodies

so give me that on the red carpet

give me something interesting

anything but “what are you wearing”


-Walter Vinci

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