Wednesday, February 18, 2015

First Time Watchers - Episode 148 - Ink

In which our intrepid trio are joined by Jairo of the True Bromance Film Podcast to break down the cult classic 2009 film, Ink. Please follow Jairo on twitter @TruBromanceCast and download their show on iTunes.  
Yay/Nay (3:03)  Riki Oh: The Story of Ricky • Gooby • Iron Man • Paper Clips • Zero Dark Thirty • Edge Of Tomorrow • Almost Famous • The Mind Of A Chef • Kingsman • Tounge Tied • Frank • John Wick •  
InSession Promo (35:40) As always, this episode is supported by the amazing InSession Film Podcast. Please find them on twitter @InSessionFilm. Download their episodes on iTunes or at  
Trailer Hitches (37:49)  Crimson Peak • Big Game • My Life Directed By Nicolas Winding Refn • It Follows •  
Main Review (54:24)  
Spoilers (1:11:50)  
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