Wednesday, October 5, 2016

FTW231 - The Nice Guys

In which our intrepid trio stumble about the crime scene that is this movie to blather on about something or another but still try to be nice about it. Or not. Whatever.  
Yay/Nay (1:39)  Amanda Knox • Deadpool • Guy And Madeleine On A Park Bench • Need For Speed • The Shallows • Deepwater Horizon • Network •  
Trailer Hitches (21:55)  Get Out • Patriots Day • Sleepless • Jackie • Ghost In The Shell •  
Montage Episodes 221 - 230 (37:36) Once again, Bubbawheat of the FilmWhys Podcast lends his editing skill to drop another amazing montage. Please visit his site and subscribe to (his multiple!) shows on iTunes and give him a follow on Twitter @Bubbawheat  
Main Review (55:36)   
Spoilers (1:12:25)  
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