Wednesday, September 14, 2016

FTW228 - Weiner

In which our intrepid trio avoid all the possible euphemisms and easy jokes readily available while discussing a film like this and stay on track with the issues. We are joined by our favorite podcasting partner, the one eyed willy himself, JD Duran of the InSession Film Podcast (you may have heard of it). Please follow JD on twitter @InsessionFilm and visit  
Yay/Nay (11:24) Lo & Behold Revelries Of The Connected World • Blood Father • The Light Between Oceans • Our Little Sister • Sully • Imperium • Last Days In The Desert • Forensic Files • The Forest • Knight Of Cups • Journey (PS4) • Yojimbo • Do The Right Thing • Deliverance •  
Tailer Hitches (46:52) A Monster Call • Free Fire • The Accountant • 50 Shades Darker •  
Main Review (1:04:56)  
Outro/Outtakes (1:33:39)  
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