Wednesday, August 24, 2016

FTW225 - The Killers (1964)

In which our intrepid trio try to get down to the real reason this movie exists while also wondering if Ronald Reagan was a good actor or not. Let us know why YOU think this movie is in the Criterion Collection.  
Yay/Nay (4:14)  Nat Geo: Underworld Incorporated • Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid • The Wire S1 • Orange Is The New Black S4 • Hell Or High Water • La Haine •  
Expanded Movie Battle Royale (29:51) Grinch (1966) vs Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me • Reservoir Dogs v Raiders Of The Lost Ark • 300 v Napoleon Dynamite • Burn After Reading v Spider Man 3 • Fear And Loathing v The Ring • The Fugitive v Pretty Woman • BttF Part 3 v Blade Runner • Bourne Supremacy v Fellowship Of The Rings • X Men 3 v Big Fish • 40 Year Old Virgin v The Cable Guy • Superman v Forrest Gump • A Few Good Men v Bourne Identity • Home Alone v Rudolph (1964) • Die Hard 3 v Ghostbusters • Children Of Men v Bruce Almighty • Stand By Me v Meet The Fockers • Batman Begins v The Exorcist • Gangs Of New York v American Psycho • Star Wars v Goldmember • Star Wars Episode 2 v Royal Tenenbaums •  
Main Review (50:21)  
Spoilers (1:11:33)  
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