Tuesday, July 26, 2016

FTW221 - The Most Dangerous Game (1932)

In which two members of our intrepid trio are running for their lives and setting boobie traps for the person hunting them. But Tim is joined by his first true love, the man who has stolen his heart, Brendan Cassidy of the InSession Film Podcast. Oh, and Michael Denniston of the War Machine Vs War Horse Podcast awkwardly looks on sans pants.  Please follow them on twitter @BrendanJCassidy, @InSessionFilm, and @WarMachineHorse and download their shows on iTunes!  
Yay/Nay (7:47)  Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home • Stranger Things • The Giver • De Palma • Blow Out • Body Double • Pretty Woman • Everybody Wants Some!! •  
Trailer Hitches (34:26) Kong Skull Island • Jack Reacher: Never Go Back • Wonder Woman •  
Main Review (48:14)  
Spoilers (1:06:30)  
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