Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Time Watchers - Episode 174 - Coherence

In which our intrepid trio are down one due to an alternate dimension. But we are joined by JD Duran of the InSession Film Podcast. Please follow JD on twitter @InSessionFilm and download his show on iTunes.  We discuss the 2013 film, Coherence.  
Yay/Nay (5:49) A Prophet • The Arbor • Margin Call • Once Upon A Time In Anatolia • Irrational Man • Stanford Prison Experiment • Straight Outta Compton • Show Me A Hero • The Gift • Wet Hot American Summer (Netflix) • The Knick • True Detective Season 2 •  
Trailer Hitches (34:52)  Star Wars Episode Seven (but really a referendum on the merits of Oscar Issac per JD) • The Witch • The Hateful Eight •  
Main Review (52:23)  
Spoilers (57:08)  
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