Wednesday, July 22, 2015

First Time Watchers - Episode 170 - Stagecoach

In which our intrepid trio climb aboard, snuggle together, take a swig of whiskey, and examine the 1939 John Ford classic, Stagecoach.  
Yay/Nay (2:42) Leon: The Professional • Killer Joe • Django Unchained • Kingsmen: The Secret Service • World Of Tomorrow (short) • It Follows • Seven Days In Hell • Ant Man • Mr. Holmes •  
Movie Battle Royale (32:01) Airplane! v. Van Helsing • City Slickers v. Requiem For A Dream • Ghostbusters v. Waynes World • Saw v. Mummy Returns • Batman and Robin v. Romeo + Juliet • BONUS: Empire Strikes Back v. Top Gun •  
Maine Review (46:33)  
Spoilers (1:11:27)  
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