Monday, December 8, 2014

Attack the Empire

So. We see John Boyega at the beginning of the new Star Wars trailer in a stormtrooper outfit.
People may remember him as Moses from one of our favorite movies of the year for 2011...Attack the Block.
But its interesting to note that Boyega is in another movie that prominently features aliens...
Could Boyega be Moses all grown up?
It makes sense when you think about it


So at the end of Attack the Block a young Moses nearly sacrifices himself to save the apartment building from the Gorilla Wolf Looking Motherfuckers by blowing them up via a leaky stove.

The blast sends him out the window in which he narrowly saves himself by grabbing onto a flag draped over the balcony.

The crowd looks up and the police escort him to the back of a bully van while the crowd cheers him on but he still gets arrested.

We dont know what his ultimate fate was once hes carted off and Sam tells the police he saved them and Pest notes that the crowd is cheering for him.

Fast forward sometime and Moses has done some time in prison and on getting out sees an opportunity to join the Empire.

So now hes been in prison because of aliens and is now given the opportunity to pretty much get his revenge.

He joins them and becomes one of the stormtroopers.

But you see Moses still has a heart and maybe his eyes are opened to what the Empire is doing. Sure at first stomping aliens into submission brings him some
measure ofsatisfaction and retribution for the years he spent behind bars while stopping an alien incursion at first but as he grows as a man he realizes whats going on with the Empire and decides its not for him

So he escapes.

Mind you the Empire already knows what happens when its secrets are let out (ie Death Stars one and two) and is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure whatever secrets Moses has, STAY secret

So they start looking for him.

But the rebellion is quite clever and sends out Daisy Ridley to get him which she seems to be doing with all speed.

Does this all make sense?

Absolutely not.

Two completely different movies

But it was fun to think about for a minute no?

Im also going to call it now...that figure with the Broadsaber?

Its gonna be Luke.

-Walter Vinci

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