Thursday, September 25, 2014

First Time Watchers - Episode 128 - Blue Ruin

In which our intrepid trio are joined by DJ Valentine of Simplistic Reviews. Please follow DJ on twitter @TryingToBeDJV.  

Yay/Nay (4:32)  Get On Up • Hercules • Only Lovers Left Alive • Gravity • They Came Together • Shadow of Doubt • Gotham • 

Trailer Hitches (24:42)  Kingsmen • The Liberator • Better Call Saul • Whiplash • 

Main Review (39:45)  

Spoilers (55:45)

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1 comment:

  1. I really enjoyed this episode a lot more then I enjoyed this movie. You made a good point that movies show more and not tell and tell less. But this I felt could have used some explanation especially at the start where you dont know his intent. I felt the movie did have some good acting but it dragged on at times.The movie that in my mind reminds me a lot is Irreversible in how it's a revenge story but not what you expect out of one. Look forward to hearing more