Wednesday, July 16, 2014

First Time Watchers - Episode 118 - Sorcerer


In which our intrepid trio (minus one) is joined by Mark Hurne. You can find Mark on twitter @MarkHurne.  •  
Yay/Nay (4:35) •  
La Silence De La Mar • RumbleFish • Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes • The Dance Of Reality • Twin Peaks 1st Season • Homefront • A Clockwork Orange •  
Trailer Hitches (26:25)  
Guardians Of The Galaxy • Dr. Who • Unbroken •  
Main Review (40:23) •  
Spoilers (1:02:42) •  
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  1. Is there a way that I can subscribe to this podcast that allows me to automatically download episodes to an Android device?

  2. Not sure, actually. You may want to try our Podbean page to see if there is a way to do it there.
    Let us know how that works out!