Friday, March 21, 2014

First Time Watchers - Episode 101 - True Detective

In which our intrepid trio (minus one) discuss HBO's recent megahit, True Detective.

Yay/Nay (4:05)   
The Fall • 
The Broken Circle Breakdown • 
Dear Zachary • 
A Good Day To Die Hard • 
Prime Suspect Series 1 & 2 • 
The WIre Season 4 • 
House of Cards Season 1

Trailer Hitches (34:26)   
The Signal • 
Under The Skin   

Main Review (41:42)   

Andrew Johnson of Film Geek Radio joins us to discuss this HBO hit.  You can hear Andrew dissect each episode of True Detective on his podcast, Detect This!   He also has a great movie related show that he co-hosts with Monica Castillo, Cinema Fix.   Be sure to listen to these great podcasts and follow him on twitter: @WriterAndrew 

Beware, no spoiler sections in this show.  Go watch True Detective and then come back and listen!

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