Wednesday, November 20, 2013

First Time Watchers - Episode 87 - The Lady in the Lake

First Time Watchers Episode 87: The Lady In The Lake Link

In which our intrepid trio review the 1947 noir feature...The Lady in the Lake

YAY or NAY (2:12)
Prequel to Day of The Doctor
The Purge

Trailer Hitches (19:01)

Main Review (27:06)

Spoilers (44:31)

This weeks twitter poll question: What is your favorite crime/noir film? Tweet us your answers @1sttimewatchers

Dont forget we have our iTunes review contest. Send us your funniest, wittiest, pithiest review on iTunes and if its the best of the bunch you can win a bluray or dvd of your choice. 
Contest ends 11/29 at midnight EST

Also be sure to check out Walters entry into the MOGA Anywhere short contest "Perspective"
you can follow this link here right to the movie
You can vote on all your browsers and your phone each day so please support him and our podcast.

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