Friday, September 20, 2013

First Time Watchers - Episode 78 - Fear X

First Time Watchers - Episode 78 - Fear X

In which our intrepid trio review Nicholas Winding Refn's Fear X
And Hermano has returned from TIFF with a story to tell
(you can see the video on our YouTube page as well!)

YAY or NAY (1:57)
Insidious Chapter 2
The Spectacular Now
Hard Boiled
The Sacrament
Rigor Mortis
Sleepy Hollow

Trailer Hitches (43:00)
Don Jon
The Last Days on Mars
Grudge Match

Main Review (51:54)

Spoilers (1:03:42)

Twitter poll question (its a 2 parter!): The ending to Fear X leaves our intrepid trio with 2 interpretations of the ending. What do you think of movies that do this? What is your favorite movie that leaves the ending open ended?

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