Thursday, February 14, 2013

First Time Watchers - Episode 50 - Compliance

First Time Watchers - Episode 50 - Compliance

Welcome to the First Time Watchers Podcast
Can I take your order please?
In this episode we review the movie Compliance

Yay or Nay (2:31)
Killer Joe
The Imposter
The ABCs of Death
The 5 Year Engagement
Young Adult
Side Effects
The Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts
The Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts
Top Gun in IMAX 3D

Step Brothers vs Signs
40 Year Old Virgin vs Ace Ventura When Nature Calls
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade vs 28 Days Later
Big Daddy vs Walk the Line
Training Day vs The Matrix: Revolutions

Main Review (41.03)
Spoilers (50:56)

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